Sleep Apnea

"Because of my severe breathing issues, I slept sitting in a chair for a year and a half. My weight was normal for the size of my body frame and I didn't have a thick neck but I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and ended up using a CPAP machine. I had allergies and was taking allergy meds but the result was brain fog...

When people spoke, words didn't register.  I was afraid to drive my car because I knew my reactions were not what they should be.  A friend brought me to Hamilton Chiropractic.  The curve in my neck was only 13 degrees at the start; eighteen months later the curve in my neck is at 31 degrees.  Not where it should be yet but it's a work in progress. Breathing issues got me here but positive side effects are:   I still have allergies but no longer need allergy meds.    I had one painful area in the center of my back and that pain is now gone.  My ears have itched on the inside for over 40 years, the itching is gone.  When I first started at the Hamilton Clinic, I couldn't lay flat on the treatment table.  Now I can lay flat on the treatment table and I can also lay flat on my back in bed to sleep at night.  What a difference!!  I haven't used the CPAP machine for three months.  I need a   Denneroll for the numbness in my fingers.    I exercise daily, have given up sugar, milk and cheese, use my sinus rinse.  Life is good, I plan to LIVE until I die."

- Marilyn M.