Acid Reflux/ Weight Loss

Before I started coming to Hamilton Family Chiropractic Center my life was run by the pain I felt everyday. This affected not only my personal life but work. I could never venture off to far or go to fast because of my knee. I always had to be close to an entrance of a building. If a building was more then two stories high I would always stay on the first floor. I drive a bus for work so I was always sitting, that was very difficult for me, because I could not sit for to long. I also had some health issues. I suffered with Acid reflux and high blood pressure. I was very miserable, tired and in a lot of pain. To get me through my day I would take pain killers. I tried massage therapy and acupuncture but the relief didn’t last long. For my acid reflux I took Zantac everyday and I did that for the last 10 years. I was also taking 4 different types of blood pressure medications. Everything just seemed to be getting worse and there was nothing I could do about it. I heard about Hamilton Family Chiropractic Center through a co-worker of mine. He explained to me how his daughter worked for chiropractors and how he thought I had subluxation. I had no idea what he was talking about, what was subluxation? He then started telling me how his family was getting great results and how he thought I would benefit from seeing Dr. B and Dr. C. I then asked what about Dr. A and Dr. D. . . All joking aside I figured; What do I have to lose? If this helps with my back pain I’m willing to try.

I’m glad I took that leap of faith because my life has never been the same since. The first thing I noticed about Dr. Brass and Dr. Conger is that they are very caring, patient people. Since I’ve been with them they have helped me with every step and challenge I have faced. When my wife Martha heard all the information from doctor’s report she then decided to get checked as well. My wife and I have been with the good doctors for 7 months now and we are amazed at all the changes that’s happened for us. I no longer experience any pain (neck, back or knee). I can finally enjoy my life with energy and ease. When Martha and I learned about what’s healthy and what to throw out we noticed a huge change in our weight. I would say I lost more then 40 lbs. on my own. I have to say though the most exciting part was getting off my medications. I no longer take Zantac and I now only take 3 Blood Pressure medications, in small doses. My wife and I continue to learn more about our health and continue making changes. We are now detoxing and our overall health is better then it has been in years.

Thank you Dr, Brass and Dr. Conger for helping us understand it’s not how you feel but how you function and heal that matters.

- Earl R.