High Blood Pressure

About a year ago (early 2012), one of my clients in her 80’s brought her car to me. My client had been in a car accident and was physically sore all over. I then saw her a month later. Now she was walking with a cane and she had constant pain. She was trying everything to find relief, so I referred her to a specific type of massage and acupuncture doctor. Unfortunately that did nothing to help. I then saw her again about a month later. This time she was no longer using a cane and she was getting her spirits back. When I asked her what she was doing or taking to help her pain. She started talking to me about Dr. Brass and Dr. Conger. She mentioned how they weren’t just relieving her pain, but really getting to the cause. She had then suggested that I meet her doctors. She new I battled with migraines at least twice a week and had high blood pressure. Little did I know meeting them would change my life forever. Before I went to Hamilton Family Chiropractic Center I had already tried so many different ways to correct my migraines and blood pressure, I was pretty frustrated. I tried ice, heat therapy and that seemed to relieve my pain, but I would still have a migraine. I did massage therapy, which was very relaxing, however, it just didn’t get to the core of my migraines. I even went to two other chiropractors. Yes it did relieve my pain, but it came back again. I would later learn the difference between those chiropractors and Dr. Brass and Dr. Conger. I also took medication (Maxalt) and an antidepressant, both really helped with my symptoms, but again my migraines would always come back. On top of that I was also taking 2 different medications for my blood pressure. About a week before I came to Hamilton Family Chiropractic Center I was told by a doctor to use Botox injections. This sounded pretty odd, but whatever would get rid of this pain was ok with me. I was at a point where I thought this pain would never go away. I felt like I would have to be dependent on medications to control my blood pressure. I also thought this was how my life would be from here on out. I have been with Dr. Michael and Dr. Colleen for 5 months now and I am happy to say there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I am off all medications for both my blood pressure and migraines. My blood pressure is down to 115/70 and I have not had a migraine in 3 months. Needless to say I never got the Botox injections. I am so grateful to Dr. Brass, Dr. Conger and Maximized Living for helping me get MY spirits back. The lifestyle change has been an education for me and well worth the commitment to make the changes needed (spinal maintenance, eating healthy food and adding their exercise program to what I was already doing) to get my life back. The one thing I would like to say to those who are just starting, bottom line, if you want to be healthy not just feel good, then make the time and commitment to doing it. You will be amazed at how quickly things change!

- Dave S.