Minimized Toxins

The truth about toxicity

Maximized Living’s goal is to help you recognize toxins in foods, cleaning products, personal care items and environmental hazards that pose serious risks to your health.

If you choose to ignore these toxins, it will be impossible to avoid the diseases of the new millenium that affect adults and children alike. Today, children are taking record levels of medication to try to combat diseases brought on by exposure to toxicity, yet the very medications they take increase their toxicity.

Toxins are everywhere: synthetic cleaning chemicals, food additives, preservatives, medications and even in unfiltered water. Our bodies naturally battles to remove them, but overexposure takes its toll. By minimizing our consumption of toxins, we can keep our bodies free of the poisons that produce symptoms like headaches, weight gain, autoimmune diseases and depression.

Toxicity is a real, tangible danger that cannot continue to be swept under the rug.

Between everyday household cleaning products, poor HVAC systems, consumption of known carcinogens (such as cigarettes) and industries that use coal-fired plants, our environment is a loaded toxic gun. Our bodies are the target.

Toxins wreak havoc on our bodies and also cause disease and suffering. Even if we choose to eat organically, toxins still lurk everywhere.

A quality detoxification system is our best defense against the arsenal of toxins in our environment. A complete detoxification system will do two things:

  1. Elevate your body’s level of glutathione to escort toxins out of the cells.
  2. Permanently bind the fat-soluble toxins and remove them from the body.

Recognizing toxicity around you

Consumers are constantly bombarded with commercials and brochures describing the wonders of modern medicine. But the real wonder is why consumers rarely question the toxic chemicals in the drugs they willingly put into their bodies. The laundry list of side effects is a sign that even medical treatments can be toxic.

Few people recognize that health has an inverse relationship to the number of medications you're on. In most cases, the number of prescriptions someone takes increases as they get older, which means their bodies are requiring more help to survive. The increase of medications also indicates the decline of health in America.

Resource recommendation

Our clinic offers Maximized Living’s DailyDetox, a simple two-part system: Cell Detox and Body Detox.

CellDetox contains powerful ingredients that work to raise a natural compound called glutathione that helps your body remove toxins from the body at a cellular level. BodyDetox binds and collects the toxins released by your body and safely and permanently removes them.

Together with optimal nutrition and exercise, these elements are designed to enhance your body's natural detoxificiation system and permanently remove toxins from your body.