"I have been suffering with Diabetes, dizziness and High Blood Pressure since 1994.  When I was diagnosed by my doctor, I was told, all I could do was exercise, eat healthy (according to their diet) and of course take specific medications.  So, I was put on Lansatan for my Blood Pressure and Insulin, Which I took 10 units every morning and every evening....

Originally I was supposed to take a pill for my Diabetes but I felt it would cause more harm to my body.  So, Insulin was my only choice.  What I didn’t realize was the Insulin and Lansatan was stunting the growth of my hair and my skin was Changing color.  I became miserable, uncomfortable and unsocial.  I thought what I was doing was supposed to help me, not harm me.  I first heard about Dr. Brass and Dr. Conger though my sister Martha and her husband Earl.  They started telling me about all their great results, just from the few months they had been there.  When my sister started telling me they were helping people reverse Diabetes, I didn’t believe her.   I looked at her and thought “we’ll see.”  When I first met Dr. Brass and Dr. Conger I was very impressed on how spiritual they were and how they were more concerned about you as a person, you weren’t just another patient.  What really got my attention though was when they mentioned healing.  No one had ever told me or educated me on how your own body can heal itself as long as there is no interference to your Nervous System.  In fact they educated me in a way I had never been educated before.  I attended monthly workshops and read two books about the 5 essentials to health.  That really helped me to connect the dots and have a complete understanding of how my body really works and what I needed to do to get myself healthy.  My advice to anyone just learning, make sure you don’t miss the workshops.  If I would have had this information on how to care for my body maybe I wouldn’t have had to be on Insulin in the first place.  Since I have been with the doctors my health has taken a huge turn.  I no longer take the blood pressure medication and what shocked me the most was my Insulin went down from 20 units a day to only 5 units in the evening.  To be honest I don’t know who was more shocked me or my doctor. "

- Diana C.