Ear Infections

My daughter Sarah started Chiropractic care on April 6, 1995. Sarah had chronic ear infections, puffiness under eyes, runny nose, colds, yeast infections and was fussy and whiney all the time. She had her first ear infection at the age of only four months, and would see her pediatrician each time she had symptoms. She went to an ear specialist also. The drugs they gave her were, Aumentin, Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Dimetapp, Prelone Syrup, Premethazine, Elixer, etc. She took these medications almost constantly around the clock. She was still whiney, fussy and restless and would stay up all night. We had come to the end of our rope when the ear specialist wanted to have tubes inserted into our daughter’s ears and remove her adenoids.

After attending an advanced workshop at Hamilton Family Chiropractic Center, we learned that all parts of our body have function and should not be removed including your adenoids. We also learned that the insertion of tubes can cause scarring and even end in loss of hearing or deafness.

After Sarah’s first Chiropractic adjustment, she slept in her car seat on the way home. She also slept for three more hours when we got home. After a few more visits the puffiness around her eyes started to vanish. I am a firm believer in Chiropractic care. The health benefits for my baby were tremendous! Needless to say, she has not seen a pediatrician or taken a drop of medication since her first treatment with Dr. Brass. Thank god we found out on time, Sarah is a healthy happy baby and we are grateful to Hamilton Family Chiropractic Center. To those reading this I just want to say always get a second opinion.

- Sara C.