Maxmized Oxygen and Lean Muscle

Oxygen, fitness and getting well

Oxygen is essential to your survival. If you take in low levels of oxygen, you enable your body to accumulate toxins and develop disease.

The best way to use and store oxygen is to move around. Exercise optimizes your oxygen intake and helps your body produce muscle.

Build your health by building lean muscle

An overwhelming number of diseases and poor health conditions are caused by a body with too much fat and too little muscle.

Research done on both elite and novice athletes shows that high-intensity, short-duration exercise—or surge training—is far more oxygen-efficient than traditional low-intensity, long-duration exercises like jogging.

Surge training actually increases your natural human growth hormone, beta endorphins and testosterone (this is not bad for women). Each of these effects helps turn your body into a muscle-building, fat-burning machine. Jogging, as well as other traditional cardiovascular exercises, has the exact opposite effect.

Maximized Living has created a surge training system to help you achieve your peak fitness level quickly and efficiently. We call it MaxT3.

Complete fitness system

Our MaxT3 workout is based on the most cutting-edge exercise science available.

Ultimately, it is your hormones that influence your metabolism. Surge training is also known as “metabolic conditioning” because it elicits a unique hormonal response in the body.

Metabolic conditioning is characterized by short bursts of high-intensity exercise, or surges. Because these surges last only seconds, you can build muscle and burn fat like never before without straining your schedule.

Even if you consider yourself a total beginner, you only need 12 minutes a day to start getting into the best shape of your life.

The MaxT3 workout incorporates all characteristics of fitness: power, strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, speed and agility. It features functional, whole-body movements that recreate everyday motions and movements.

Get your life back

It is easy to be misled when it comes to fitness. Six-pack abs and sculpted arms don’t indicate someone’s true level of health. You can actually get into shape without living at a gym.

Cutting-edge programs like MaxT3, make exercise fun, quick and achievable.